Wealth Management

At GFA Trust we consider and deal with wealth management as an out most important element for numerous individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, and family offices.

We employ numerous strategies that consist of a range of investments, which are allocated in various financial types and classifications in order to distribute, control and mitigate the risk versus potential losses. Therefore, our main aim of wealth management strategies is to diversify and spread the investment funds along various investment products i.e. assets, structured products, bonds, shares, foreign exchange, time deposits, equities, real estate, startups and across various industry sectors. Through the allocation of investment capital, we seek to minimize the exposure of the investment products to risks, as well as, to protect the volatility of the investment portfolio.

Diversification is a risk management technique that focuses on the allocation of investments among various financial means (i.e. immovable property, government bonds, shares, and trust funds), which aims to maximize the return on ROI by implementing mitigation parameters of risk and differentiation of investment products performance, in order to protect them from an undesirable reaction to a specific event of action.

Diversification is a very important wealth management technique because it can actually safeguard and improve investment portfolio performance by weighting the risk. It is noteworthy to mention that each investment type acts differently towards economical fluctuations and market events.

Our professional corporate lawyers and tax advisors have the knowledge and experience to advise individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, and family offices on how they can formulate a wider approach for their investment portfolio, in order to secure applicability at a global level.

With the appointment of our firm rest assure that all the legal, tax and investment matters will be handled with consideration to safeguard investors position. Our team will handle all legal and business matters, perform risk management analysis, and identify the systematic risks of each investment type. In addition, our lawyers’ will manage all the due diligence issues and form the appropriate investment plan according to each jurisdiction legal requirements.