Cross-Border Merger & Acquisitions Services

Our expert team can advise our clients when it comes to the consolidation of companies either through merger or acquisition, within the parameters of strategic management and corporate finance, defining the restructuring path chosen in order to assist the enterprise’s rapid growth in its sector or location of origin, or in a new business sector or domicile, without the creation of a subsidiary or through the use of a joint venture.

Through close collaboration with our clients, and a realistic understanding of their needs and general company vision (i.e. removing excess capacity, acceleration of growth, acquiring skills and technology, roll-up strategies, encouraging competitive behaviour) we recommend and proceed with the materialisation of the most suitable type of merger and acquisition always taking into consideration the rise of globalization i.e. cross-border merger, triangular merger, horizontal/vertical merger, conglomerate merger etc.

For all of our acquisition services, our company and expert team proceeds with all careful due diligence in order to ensure that a smooth transaction is executed for the acquisition of any legal entity anywhere in the world.