Financial Advisors for Local Investment Funds

In a constant selection of recruitment of lead advisors, on a global scale, GFA TRUST is able to provide an in depth insight to the local investment funds’ industry on a global level.

Our approach is driven by the principle and belief that the establishment of solid and professional, on the ground relationships, with expert fund managers (who operate not as intermediaries but as local partners), fully equipped with the local know-how, networks, experience and spherical knowledge of their markets, politics and economies renders them a decisive and key factor to risk mitigation and in depth understanding of the chosen country and industry of investment, hence, safeguarding local investment success and exploring alternative investment options.

GFA TRUST maintains a solid and entrenched collaboration with local fund managers during the entire investment period by having an active and non-stop presence in the management of  our clients funds, establishing monitoring mechanisms in order to evaluate company progress, and arranging regular meetings with fund managers to seek improvements when considered required.

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