The Importance of Engaging a Professional Corporate Legal Advisory firm


Within GFA TRUST there is an experienced and professional qualified legal team that is able to support and assist clients around the world in their various needs.

It is important for a fiduciary and corporate service provider to have the backing up of an extensive legal team.

In addition, through our well-established and extensive global lawyer’s network, we can undertake any litigation case in any jurisdiction.

Via our qualified and experienced lawyers, we organise and manage our international network with lawyers in order to represent your case in any court of the world. Depending on the severity of the case, lawyers from our headquarters deal directly with any jurisdiction and travel to the appropriate jurisdiction as required.

Furthermore, we are fully equipped to undertake any court action in any part of the world for debt recovery of our clients.

In addition, in the event that our clients do not wish to undertake court actions, we liaise with Total Recovery Solutions that provides off-court debt recovery around the world.