Intellectual Property

The New Era Reality of Intellectual Property

The endless flow of information in cyberspace, the cross border business operations, fearless competition and the restless entrepreneurs chasing the discovery new profitable ideas, have formed a new reality framework for the intellectual property rights.

Therefore, we always recommend our selective clientele to register and protect their intellectual property i.e. trademarks, images, trade names, logo, taglines and brand slogans in order to prevent any use and / or exploitation by third parties. Bear in mind that, Intellectual Property rights are classified as Intangible Assets.

Our firm has extensive experience and knowledge on the registration of Intellectual Property rights including inventions – patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other intellectual property rights, in more than 130 countries.

Our team of lawyers are experts on advising, assisting and handling the registration of any intellectual rights, on a national and international level.

Clients have the option to register and protect their intellectual property under the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The registration of Intellectual Property should be managed properly through the selection of in-depth strategic planning since it is an investment that enhances the product and / or service value.