Fund Management

Nowadays, undoubtedly, the international market has become vigorously dynamic and multidimensional, thus, providing itself a more intriguing option for investors in comparison to the past.

Investment Funds offers to investors the opportunity to invest anywhere in the world whilst opening the path to diversification. Despite investment funds promising types, diversification, is not able to assure profits or provide a safety net against losses, therefore professional assistant and experience is needed to conduct a proper global research.

Our team of corporate and financial experts are able to assist in the determination of international fund formation and management following the requirements of each investor.

Our financial experts through an on-going research in connection to the factors influencing the prosperity of fund investments i.e. political or economic instability in the foreign country of the investor’s selection, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, financial information in connection to specific companies in uprising markets, etc.

Our team is able to review, investment plans and advise its selective clientele about the various options they have for setting up investment funds with the utmost discreet.

Moreover, in exponential markets, it is highly recommended for all classification types of investors (professional, well – informed, retail) to have an experienced financial legal advisor by their side, who will constantly guide them through the legislative and business framework that accompanies investment funds, as well as, counsel them on issues of asset management, private equity, portfolio diversification, wealth management, funds re – domiciliation, taxation regimes and many more important aspects of such investments.

Based on our professional opinion and experience, the right mix of strategies and actions should be conceived, with the endeavor of being proactive and not reactive, especially in the sector of investment funds.

Subsequently, our financial team analyses the trends and indicators of the markets (positive or negative influences), that may derive from the various changes and fluctuations of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal framework. Hence, the team proceeds with the formation of the relevant strategic approaches and methodologies for setting up the investment fund, with a main focus on risk mitigation and situation management.

Last but not least, our financial team implements and executes the necessary actions and strategies, as they have been selected tailored to the client’s needs, until the completion of the project.