Family Office

Family Office

Professional Corporate Legal Assistance is mandatory for Legacy preservation

Family offices long – term success is a very demanding and challenging task since these entities require integrated types of approaches and strategies compare to other corporate entities.

Therefore, a professional legal assistance is mandatory since wrong decisions, actions or strategies may jeopardize family’s relationships, wealth, and the legacy itself.

Our corporate, legal, and financial advisors are fully aware the diversification needed in family offices in relation to their culture, type of business, way of thinking, future plans, operation methods, owners, shareholders, and stakeholders’ relationships, therefore they thoroughly analyze all the aforementioned to define all parameters so as to suggest personalized recommendations and tailor-made strategies, methodologies, and solutions.

What distinguishes our team, is their ability to suggest and provide solutions on all areas that may affect family offices operations and relationships i.e. legal, financial, corporate, operational, strategic, family relationships and international expansion. This is due to the fact that our team possesses extensive experience on family offices considerations and fully understands the core foundations of family offices; preservation of family wealth, managing investment and business risks, deal with generation succession, settle possible disputes on family governance issues, cope with each family member affairs, etc.

In addition, legacy success lies on the ability to recognize opportunities, identify challenges, foresee future trends, and form a future action plan strategy that will enhance and retain legacy sustainability.

Consequently, our team’s knowledge and background expertise enable them to advise family offices on various matters like business, legal, investment, real estate, tax, technology, insurance, philanthropy, charity, investment in luxury goods as well as education so as to ensure a successful future generation succession.

Moreover, risk assessment, mitigation, management, financial planning, and tax optimization are also important factors that family offices need to take into consideration when forming future strategies.

Subsequently, our professional team’s focus is to support and propose the right strategic route that will ensure family governance, efficient wealth transfer through generations and continuous growth.