Incorporation in Delaware

Delaware LLC (Limited Liability Company) is conceived as a highly flexible type of legal entity and this so due to the below mentioned factors:

It is a supreme example of the ultimate freedom of contract as the structure of the company ,and the rules and principles, that govern the members of the company are contained in the Operating Agreement, which is construed as per the wishes of the company’s actual Owner(s) thus entitling the Owner(s) to encompass terms and conditions which serve their business aspirations and management strategy in the most suitable manner.

Further to the above, Delaware LLC’s offer a substantially increased safety net when it comes to asset protection against creditors, and, their members are not held liable for repayment for an LLC’s outstanding debt. The previously mentioned factors in combination to the simple process of incorporation and minimal requirements, low annual fees and simplistic maintenance render Delaware an attractive jurisdiction for company incorporation.

The incorporation process takes 1 day. The tax on offshore profits and exchange controls are non-existent.

The jurisdiction’s Local Requirements are limited to the existence of a Registered Office/Registered Agent which/who is to be located in Delaware with no obligation attached as to the presence of a local Company Secretary, or with the legal obligation that the meetings of the company take place in Delaware, as the location of the Board Meetings, can be placed anywhere in the world as also the company’s administration. The appointment of Director(s) is non-applicable in the structure of the Delaware LLC as also the existence of Shareholder(s) and of Public Filings in general.

Furthermore there are no Annual Filing Requirements attached i.e. there exists no obligation for the submission of the company’s Annual Return or Audited Accounts.

Whereas the issuance of bearer shares is non-acceptable, and the acquirement of shelf companies not available, company re-domiciliation is permitted

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