Debt Advisory Services

GFA Trust’s professional team of experts undertakes all type of debt advisory projects and acts on behalf of its clients to achieve the best possible financial settlement.

Our aim in each case is to obtain a viable, sustainable, and realistic approach towards the debt and adjust according to the needs of our clients.

Our team has an extensive experience in corporate, legal, financial, commercial, real estate and tax issues and is able to propose the most appropriate advice on simple and complex debt cases i.e. finance acquisition, asset finance, capital loans, project finance etc.

In addition, our team’s expertise and knowledge enable us not only to review, but to evaluate our clients’ debts, either personal or institutional, and propose solutions that can be realized according to the current market requirements.

An in-depth assessment with the use of financial analysis is being performed by our team for each case, aiming to recommend possible refinancing, restructuring or renegotiating strategies in connection to the debt. Simultaneously, during the process of the debt assessment our professional experts always execute a financial resources analysis with the purpose of associate strategies with the financial ability of the entity or individual in debt.

It is noteworthy to mention that our expertise demonstrated to us that obtaining finance or managing the debt portfolio with a more efficient way is a task that must not be omitted, since it can add financial liquidity to the entity or individual. Therefore, our financial legal analysists assist clients to thorough analyze their course of actions and provide their professional guidance throughout the process until the completion of the case.