Company Restructuring

Corporate restructuring denotes the act of reordering the overall business structure of any type of entity.

Our corporate lawyers have the expertise to thorough examine each entity’s operations and characteristics, with the intention of providing strategies and solutions that will enhance company’s overall operations. In addition, our team can assist in the implementation of all the necessary restructures that will ensure the entity’s continuation.

Moreover, tax issues and regulations will be analyzed accordingly, to be able to implement the analogous corporate restructure that will benefit the entity, shareholders and stakeholders.

Consequently, this process requires flexibility, proactivity, and adaptability to the new operative ways.

Some of the issues that our corporate lawyers examine are entity’s asset portfolio, corporate structure, debt portfolio, taxes, bank loans, acquisitions, merges etc. Through this analysis our corporate lawyers can successfully propose appropriate solutions and implementation strategies for the organization restructuring.

For an entity (company or institution) to improve its way of doing business and work successfully a restructuring business plan is needed.

Moreover, the entity’s approach should be realistic, rapid, and adaptive to current market trends aiming to tackle existing and potential challenges.

GFA Trust’s corporate lawyers recognize, analyze and evaluate the corporate entity’s current situation and suggest possible restructuring solutions to entities, for achieving more efficient operations.

The team of GFA Trust consists of experienced professionals, from diverse backgrounds related to almost all sectors.