GFA TRUST cooperates with a dynamic team and network of auditors to fulfil all of your auditing needs. Via our overview and management of the projects, we ensure that your auditing via a systematic and independent examination of books, accounts, documents and vouchers all audit procedures required and illustrated comply with any legal regime at any jurisdiction.

In close collaboration with our fellow accounting and auditing teams positioned worldwide, composed of multinational/multilingual team of professionals, we are fully equipped to provide our auditing services, in almost any part of the world, based upon principles analogous to the evolving global marketplace i.e. a multi-disciplinary approach with a strong commitment to audit committee communications and to transparency as also to keeping the management fully up to date throughout the entire procedure.

Our audit services include, inter alia, the following:

  • Statutory audit of annual financial statements for their submission to the relevant authorities in the manner instructed by the applicable legal regime
  • Internal audit function, and overall evaluation of the accounting and internal checks and balances of the corporation
  • Audits taking place for a specific purpose
  • Investigations