Asset Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is an investigation, review and audit analysis that is used to scrutinize entities and physical persons on business and personal related matters. (Know your Customer Analysis – KYC)

Entrepreneurs, shareholders, and stakeholders prefer to pursue the support of a corporate legal advisor on investment matters.


Because, corporate legal advisors can offer an impartial comprehensive background check of the entity or physical person, reliable advices on potential risk factors as well as strategies that will enable investors to achieve the best possible outcome of their investment.

Subsequently, due diligence analysis is an important procedure for financial and legal background checks since it determines the threats that might not be visible on the entity’s or physical person’s operations.

Moreover, the due diligence method assists companies to preserve their financial sustainability, reduce investment risks and reinforce companies’ business plans.

GFA Trust team of corporate legal advisors recognizes and understands the necessity of the Asset Due Diligence inspection especially when the investment deals with real estate transactions and other type of assets.

Therefore, depending on the asset transaction type and value our team amongst others, will:

  • recognize and evaluate the industry sector that the business entities operate
  • identify relevant challenges and opportunities
  • assess the consistency and rationality of all collected data received from previous and current operations
  • estimate the expected earnings, yields and cash flows
  • evaluate the current financial situation
  • recognize unseen threats and responsibilities
  • determine possible drawbacks that may alter the transaction value
  • review the contract’s terms and conditions

In general, our team will carry out an in-depth due diligence analysis with the aim to safeguard investors interests.