Company Formation

GFA TRUST offers company formation services in more than 21 jurisdictions around the world. Our experienced in-house lawyers and business professionals can plan and execute your company service needs.

Citizenship By Investment

Our firm has a massive experience and background in Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Schemes. Our own office in Cyprus may assist you with all the needed procedures for applying in order to meet all the requirements of the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program. Our firm also undertakes to locate the investment and undertake all necessary due diligence and draft the needed agreements.

International Citizenship Plans

GFA TRUST has an extensive experience in successful International Citizenship schemes and Caribbean islands.

Our firm operates under an environment of qualified legal and business professionals offering quality assured services around the world. We review, evaluate and plan according to your needs in offering custom made solutions that will allow you to enjoy tax, legal and operational benefits.

Our professional team operates globally in providing multi-jurisdiction services anywhere in the world. Due to our increased work around the world our team feels comfortable in working in jurisdictions that we may even not have offices.

Time efficiency and performance assurance are key elements in our services.

As business needs and legal measures keep changing constantly our firm evolves in providing new services to cover your operational needs to meet with any legal and corporate changes. We like to help our clients to evolve and offer them a variety of solutions that will assist them to evolve.

Why Choose GFA TRUST

  • Global group for complete business and corporate solutions.
  • Expert team of lawyers and business professionals.
  • Integrity and professionalism. Regulated fiduciary service company.
  • Prompt support for all of your business and corporate issues

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